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GR Research

GR Research began in 1995 as a passion for high quality audio turned business venture. We are driven by a desire for excellence and expect nothing less than to turn the next page in mainstream loudspeaker design.

We offer many audiophile quality loudspeakers in kit form, high quality crossover components, audiophile grade drivers, and accessories. We also provide a wide range of design services from complete commercial product line design to assistance with individual custom products and upgrades.

PI Audio

PI Audio Group is a company that is obsessed with realism in audio reproduction. From the electricity coming into your listening environment to the acoustical interaction of sound within the room, we strive to eliminate the greatest adversary of “They are here!” realism: noise. Noise, by definition, is distortion. Electrical noise effects run the gamut from masking inner detail to requiring excess power from amplifiers. Noise, in a word, is BAD.

PI Audio Group offers products that are designed and optimized to remove extraneous noise from the audio equation. From our innovative power filtration product, the MAJIK BUSS, to our proprietary Acoustic Building Block series of room treatment devices, we are on a quest to help our clients create the most realistic audio experience possible.

Skiing Ninja Systems

Skiing Ninja Systems started in May of 2006 after years of Sean's involvement in the audio world. Sean's upgraded crossovers and speakers found their way to a few others and they loved what they heard. People wanted to have the upgraded crossovers for themselves and started calling them the 'Ninja Crossovers'.

Our dedication to quality workmanship and superior sound gave us our motto, “Unlock the Potential in Your Loudspeakers.”

Every speaker can be improved upon (from inexpensive to huge cashola monsters) whether its exchanging stock parts for higher quality parts, adding one of our signature dampening material kits, brand new crossover designs, to any of our accessories. We have big plans for this company and the audio community. We will be moving the company forward by adding new speaker lines and other services to meet discerning audio enthusiast needs.

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