The E-1 is Electra Cable's first interconnect offering.

Electra's first interconnect cable.

The E-1 connector uses a unique center pin that is hollow. This allows the high purity Copper cable, that is carrying the signal, to slide all the way through the center pin and puts less connecting material in the signal path than any other connector on the market.


High quality copper pin
It essentially allows the wiring itself to be inserted into the receiver.
The center pin uses a Teflon insulator separating it from ground.


The cable uses four 18 gauge, high purity, OFC conductors, braided into a low noise geometry to maintain a low capacitance.

Lengths and prices are:

.5 meter pair $199.
1.0 meter pair $215.
1.5 meter pair $230.
2.0 meter pair $245.

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